The Rainow Parish Plan

The way ahead for Rainow

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Thirty Proposals

Social and Community Activities
1. Research site options for a public open space in the village for “people of all ages to play”, including a new site or the potential for use of the school grounds.
2. Research site options for a venue for organised social activities for young people in the village.
3. Research site options for a ‘chill-out’ informal meeting location for young people in the village.
4. Review existing facilities for social and educational activity in the village, including the Institute, Church Centre and School Hall and recommend actions as appropriate.
5. Seek to bring together the Parish Council and Church newsletters and add new items to provide a single, regular publication provided to all households in the village with links to the website and notice-boards.
6. Undertake a survey of all current community social activities to determine the extent to which village needs are met.
7. Develop community spirit further and improve communications by establishing a coordinating committee drawn from the existing and potential social activity organisers in the village.
8. Promote awareness of the historical features of the village through production of a list of the features and promotional activity via notice boards, maps and articles in the village newsletter recommended above.
Housing and Business Development
9. Investigate the opportunities to set up a retail outlet/café in Rainow and assess potential viability.
10. Investigate the possibility of providing lower cost housing for the young and the elderly in Rainow whilst taking account of the need to minimise change in the village.
11. Hold discussions with Macclesfield Borough Council and the Peak Park planning authorities to investigate the potential for more consistent planning regulations and practices across the Parish.
The Countryside
12. Seek to maintain the aesthetics of the countryside around Rainow through establishment of a Countryside Committee. This committee should monitor, and promote better understanding of, trends in land management practices including designated areas such as flood plains, natural zones and sites of special scientific interest.
13. Seek improved maintenance of hedgerows, walls and historic features and buildings in the countryside around Rainow through increased funding from relevant grant sources.
14. Promote effective monitoring, maintenance and improvement of footpaths in the Parish.
15. Seek improved way marking of footpaths particularly near farmyards and other property.
16. Seek provision of signage where paths leave roads and educational material to encourage greater adherence to the Countryside Code.
17. Investigate the domestic and farm related impacts of increased badger numbers and potential preventative measures.
18. Seek re-instatement of deteriorated ponds in the village.
Traffic and Parking
19. Support the 30mph speed limit currently proposed for the village and the 40mph limit between Rainow and Macclesfield.
20. Investigate the potential for ‘traffic calming’ measures (such as gateways, speed advisory signs, speed cameras) to support the speed limit.
21. Investigate the potential for a pedestrian crossing of B5470 Church Lane near the Church entrance.
22. Investigate local parking problems and seek solutions such as provision of resident’s parking areas.
23. Seek to minimise the intrusion of road signing within the parish.
Services in the Village
24. Seek the retention of existing services and facilities (such as post, telephone, refuse and buses in the Parish to at least the current levels.
25. Promote regular foot patrols by uniformed police or special wardens.”
26. Seek re-establishment of the largely dormant neighbourhood watch scheme.
27. Hold discussions with mobile ‘phone suppliers regarding improved reception in the village with emphasis on sensitivity of any mast location.
28. Seek improvements to the reliability of refuse collections and the inclusion of recycling facilities for cardboard, plastic and green waste.
29. Promote the provision of evening bus services, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays.
30. Raise community awareness of the concerns regarding dog fouling and promote the provision of more dog waste bins.